Incident on MyPeopleDoc product - May 7, 2023

MyPeopleDoc products are experiencing an incident since May 7, 2023.

Indeed, three incidents are ongoing on the MyPeopleDoc product:

  • The connection to your personal space does not work properly, you get a white page error, or the page is very slow
    Incident Status: Our technical team was able to identify the error and deploy a fix to restore the connection.
    Please make sure to clear your caches/cookies, or try connecting from another browser.
    Start: 7/05/2023 at 3:08pm
    Ends: 9/05/2023 at 3pm

  • The password reset link is not working, or you are not receiving it. This incident appears to be related to the incident explained above. Our technical team is still in the process of confirming this.
    Incident Status: This incident appears to be resolved as it is related to the 1st login incident. However, our team is still observing the issue.

  • The identity verification SMS (double authentication) is not sent correctly
    Status of the incident: Our technical team was able to identify the origin of the incident and to solve it. A period of observation has confirmed a return to normal. This incident is therefore considered closed.
    Start: 7/05/2023 at 10:26 AM
    End: 9/05/2023 at 9:56 am

Our technical and product teams have been alerted and are currently working to resolve these two incidents.

To date, our support team unfortunately has no more information to share with you on this incident and we are awaiting the resolution of the problem.


We invite you to try again later to connect to your personal space.

If you have an urgent need for a connection, our support team remains available to assist you as best as possible.

If your request concerns a document signature, we invite you to contact your HR contact within your company.


Thanking you for understanding,

Our support team wishes you a nice day.

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