Delete my account

How to delete my account?

Log in to your MyPeopledoc account, then:

  • Go to the Settings page and find the section titled ‘Delete your account’
  • Click ‘I want to delete my account’
  • Read carefully and accept the consequences of your deletion request
  • Enter your password and validate


What happens once I requested my account deletion?

After you confirm your request to delete your account:

  • During the first 30 days, your employer will still be able to send you electronic documents on MyPeopleDoc. This notice period is necessary to avoid the loss of some documents. You’ll still have access to your account and can use it as usual.
  • After 30 days, your employer will no longer be able to send you electronic documents on MyPeopleDoc. You’ll have 10 days to make a copy of your documents in your vault.
  • After 40 days, your account, all personal information and all document in your vault will be permanently deleted and no longer accessible.

Once you request to delete your account, you cannot go back.


What should I do before requesting my account deletion?

Before requesting your account deletion, we strongly recommend you to download and save the documents currently in your vault.


What information is kept by my employer or third parties after my MyPeopledoc account has been deleted?

In accordance with the law, your employer may keep the following information about you :

  • Copies of your payslips
  • Information relating to your employee status: surname, first name, postal address, date of birth, etc....
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