What is the difference between a document received by email and a document received by MyPeopleDoc?

The differences are that MyPeopleDoc ensures the security, privacy, legality and probative value (as well the legitimacy of time stamps) of documents they have received and stored. An email does not guarantee the legal validity of electronic documents because:

  • The legitimacy of an electronic document attached to an email is not guaranteed in time (no electronic signature, no time stamp).

  • The authentication of the email sender dubious (it is simply an email address)

All the documents that you receive on your MyPeopleDoc account are signed and archived securely with no time limit. The chronological legitimacy of your documents and the identity of the issuer are guaranteed by our service. With MyPeopleDoc, you do not receive spam and there is no risk of deleting your important documents by mistake. You will automatically receive your documents in a secure and confidential way, and they will be stored indefinitely.

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