How do I get my activation code?

You can open a MyPeopleDoc vault by using a unique and personal activation code. 

This code is usually sent by your employer to your professional email address automatically when your employee profile is created or via scheduled reminders. In rare cases, this code can be sent by postal mail if your employer decided it. These shipments are massive, invoiced and cannot be carried out individually.

This activation code can be used within 30 days of receipt and expires after that.
If you have not activated your vault in time or simply have not received an activation code, we invite you to request your employer the regeneration of a new code.


If your employer confirms you that your professional or even personal e-mail address is registered in your employee profile, you can ask for an activation code by going to our website, click on « REQUEST AN INVITATION » and fill in the e-mail address.


If your employer is unable to send you a new code, we invite you to contact the MyPeopleDoc support teams here.


PLEASE NOTE: a code will only be sent to the email address indicated by your employer. If no address has been entered in your employee profile or it is incorrect, only your employer will be able to modify it.

MyPeopleDoc support will not send any activation code to an email address different from that indicated on your employee profile.

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