I left my activation code in plain sight and I am not subscribed yet. What should I do?

If you are not already registered, we invite you to try to activate your vault with this code.

If you manage to activate your vault, this confirms that no one has used your personal activation code and could not access your documents. Thus, your documents will remain protected by the logins you have chosen and only you will have access to your space.


If the interface displays the error message "Activation code: Invalid subscription code", it indicates that your code has already been used.


Please contact our support team here to avoid theft use of your documents. We invite you to send the front/back copy of your Identity Document and the email address you want to use to log in. Our teams will block the user so that he can no longer connect and we will give you back access to your space.


If you are already registered, the activation code is no longer valid and cannot be used by you or a third party.


Note: an activation code has a validity of 30 days, beyond this time, it will no longer be valid and can no longer be used by anyone.

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