Already a MyPeopleDoc® user ?

If you already are a MyPeopleDoc® user from you previous employer, you have the possibility to link it with your new employer's e-vault.

During your second e-vault's activation processus, we invite you to click on "already a MyPeopleDoc® user" : 

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


1. Enter the activation code sent by your new employer (the field may possibly be automaticaly filled)

2. Mark the email address of your existing MyPeopleDoc®

3. Mark your correponding password

4. Accept terms and conditions 

5. Click on "SEND"




You will find all of your documents by clicking on "All" in the "Documents" tab.




Note : This manipulation is not available if you have two e-vaults from the same employer. If you are in this case, we invite you to contact directly your HR department so that they can proceed. This manipulation is not either available if your two e-vault have already been activated with two differents email addresses, in this case we advise you to transfer the documents from your old evault to your new evault (and then delete the old evault).


If you have trouble to link your e-vaults, we invite you to contact our support team here by specifying the name of your previous company (from your first e-vault) and your current company (from the new e-vault) also the email address used. 

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