Invalid or expired activation code

Your activation code is unique (is your own), it can be used only once during activation of your e-vault and it is valid for a limited time.

It is possible that you occurs an error message during the e-vault activation process. 



This error message indicates that the time allocated to activate your e-vault has elapsed. Indeed, an activation code is valid for 30 days for email codes and a predefined expiration date for mail codes.

You therefore have the possibility to request a new code by clicking on « Obtain a new code by clicking on this link »

Click here to learn more about how to get a new activation code.




This error message indicates that your activation code can not be used because you employer did not make you eligible to create an e-vault, or, the activation code has already been used, the e-vault is already activated, this code is therefore not usefull anymore. 

You will then have to click on « Have an account ? LOG IN »  to connect to your e-vault with your connection email address and your password. 

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