What happens to my e-vault when I leave my company?

No matter what happens, you keep your e-vault free of charge and with no time limit.

You can use the MyPeopleDoc® service anywhere and from any device (tablet, smartphone, computer).

You just need an internet connection and your login (email and password) to access the service. 


You can still access it if you leave the company and you have the possibility to reuse it if your new company also uses the MyPeopleDoc® service. Click here to learn more.


Note: If you do not wish to keep your e-vault, you can download its contents and then delete it from your Account section.

Note: If the email address used to connect to your e-vault is a business address to which you no longer have or will no longer have access and you know your password, you can change it directly from your e-vault.


If you have forgotten your password, contact the MyPeopleDoc support team. In order for the support to update your email address and to avoid any identity theft, we invite you to bring a copy of your front and back ID in PDF or image format as well as the email address of your choice.

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