How do I share a document?

You can directly share your documents with other people.

To share documents you need to create a new sharing bucket.

Go to the “Buckets” tab and click on “Add a bucket”.




Name the bucket (1), enter the e-mail of the person with whom you want to share your documents (2) and choose the expiration date (3).



Add one (1) or several (2) documents by clicking on the sharing icon and choosing the sharing bucket (3)




Note: you can also create a new bucket directly while adding the documents (4).

The person you are sharing your documents with receives an invitation email with an access code for the sharing space. He/she only has limited access to your documents. He/she is only able to view and download documents that were shared with him/her.

You can check your shared documents in the tab “Buckets”

To update your buckets click on “Edit settings”.



You can disable your bucket before its expiration date (1) in order to stop the sharing process. You can use it again later by unticking the box. If you do not want to use the bucket anymore, you can just delete it (2).

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