What is the legal value of my documents?

Your electronic pay slips have the same legal value as their paper equivalents. Even better, by using MyPeopleDoc® you have a personal trusted third party who certifies the originality and integrity of your documents.


In the event of a litigation (credit file, bank loan, employer file, housing lease etc...), PeopleDoc provide you with all the elements to justify that your pay slip is an original (each document is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity), which you cannot do with a paper copy, especially if it is dated 5 or 10 years ago.

Practical! You can also give a third-party access to certain documents in your MyPeopleDoc® account as well as to the electronic signature associated with them. This makes it impossible for them to claim any forgery. Each electronic document deposited on your MyPeopleDoc® account is therefore electronically signed and time-stamped to allow for the control of its integrity in the future. PeopleDoc guarantees the origin of the documents (accountability) by certifying that they come from your employer.


However, if an administrative body or a company questions the value of your documents received by MyPeopleDoc®, contact us by clicking here


Applicable in France

Since 12 May 2009, article L3243-2 of the French Labor Code authorizes the submission of the pay slip in electronic format and specifies the conditions for this submission.


The law of 13 March 2000, pursuant to Article 1316-1 of the French Civil Code, specifies that the legal value of an electronic document is linked to two criteria: its origin or imputability (from whom the document originates) and its original character or integrity (the document must not be capable of being altered or modified).

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