New connection alert system to the MyPeopleDoc electronic vault

In order to guarantee better security in terms of access to our users Electronic Vaul, we have implemented a new alert system, when we detect a new connection to your account from an unknown device.


Thus you will receive a notification email on the messaging system serving as your login identifier to the MyPeopleDoc electronic safe, in this email you will find the following information :


  • The operating system used when logging in
  • The internet browser
  • The connection IP address

In the event of a proven suspicious connection, it is recommended that you reset your account password by going to our official website, as well as activate the two-factor authentication service. As a reminder, your new password must meet the criterias below:


  • 12 characters minimum
  • One uppercase letter minimum
  • A tiny minimum
  • A minimum number
  • A special character
  • Both reset fields must contain an identical password
  • The new password must not be the same as your previous passwords

You should also know that you can view the connection history to your vault. To do this you must access your personal space, go to the "ACCOUNT" section then to "Recent activity on your account".


You can find the following information :


  • The time and date of connection
  • The operating system used
  • Internet browser used
  • The connection IP address

Do not hesitate to contact our support department by clicking here if you have any other questions.

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