MyPeopleDoc modalities of operation

How does MyPeopleDoc work?

The creation of a MyPeopleDoc account is only by invitation from your employer.

An electronic vault is a personal and secure storage space. As such, you can deposit the documents and files that you wish to keep, within the limit of 250 MB per document, and 10 GB for all the documents kept, rename them, classify them via a system of labels.

You can share documents in your safe with third parties through the creation of sharing spaces.

You can also delete documents that you no longer wish to keep, by placing them in the trash. The documents in the trash still count towards the 10GB storage space total, and you can restore them. To permanently delete the documents from the trash, you must empty it.

You can link your account to one or more employers. Once linked, the employer can send to your account any type of document he deems necessary, either automatically and regularly, or manually and on an ad hoc basis.


Your action history on MyPeopleDoc

For security reasons, the history of actions performed on your account is kept for a period of 30 days. Its storage is intended to allow you, if necessary, to verify the use of your account, and to identify any unwanted access by a third party. This 30-day history is available upon request from support.

This history includes the following actions, associated with the date and time they were performed:

  • Login to the account
  • Failed attempts to log in to the account (e. g. wrong password)
  • Downloading a document
  • Viewing a document
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