CAPTCHA : Explanation and connection

The Captcha: What is it?


     The captcha is a reinforced security system that appears when more than 3 errors are detected during authentication. This measure protects your account from spam and prevents any attempt to decrypt the password by submitting a simple test to verify that the login attempt is performed by the account owner. It can take two forms:

  • Check a box "I am not a robot"
  • Choose among a series of images those that correspond to a given theme.

The captcha does not appear: what should I do?

     If the Captcha does not appear, it's possible that the problem encountered is related to the following factors:
  • Problem related to the localization : Some countries do not allow google queries (The ReCaptcha is a product of google).
  • Setting up the vpn
  • Using Internet Explorer version 9 or lower : In this case we recommend using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Configuration of the (professional) network : as it's set up by your employer, you should contact your IT department about this.

I validated my captcha but the connection is still refused, what can I do?

     If you encounter a captcha and you are unable to connect despite its validation, we invite you to attempt to connect from a cell phone while making sure to use the mobile data linked to your phone subscription.
As a last resort, you can reset your password by clicking on "I forgot my password" and entering your login email address.
For more information about resetting your password, please consult the following article:


I've tried all the proposed solutions but my problem is not solved: I need help!

     If, despite all these solutions, you are unable to connect, please contact our support team, indicating the steps you have taken and providing a screenshot containing the entire internet browser, the URL address used and the error message displayed. The team will then have all the necessary information to solve the problem.

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