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The Guide of Account Management

Account activation

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Why use MyPeopleDoc?

You would love to use MyPeopleDoc for several reasons:

  • Avoid physical transportation of documents and spend less time sifting through them!
  • Secure your documents in a personal vault.
  • Save room and paper. All your documents are stored in a single space available 24/7 online.
  • Save time. You receive your documents faster and can more easily access them.
How does MyPeopleDoc®work?

A MyPeopleDoc®account creation is only done by invitation from your employer. You are an employer and you would like to be contacted by our teams : Click here

MyPeopleDoc®is a personal and secure storage space.As such, you can deposit documents and files you wish to keep, up to a limit of 250MB per document, and 10GB for all the documents stored, rename them, classify them via a system of labels.

You can share the documents in your vault with third parties, through the creation of sharing spaces.

You can also delete documents that you no longer want to keep, by dropping them in the recycle bin. Documents in the recycle bin still count as 10GB of storage space, and you can restore them.To permanently delete documents, you must empty the recycle bin.

You can link your account to one or multiple employers.Once linked, the employer can send to your account any type of document he deems necessary, either automatically and regularly, or manually and punctually.Documents filed by your employer are certified.


Your action history on MyPeopleDoc

For security reasons, the history of actions performed on your account is kept for a period of 30 days. Its storage is intended to allow you, if necessary, to verify the use of your account, and to identify any unwanted access by a third party. This 30-day history is available upon request from support.

This history includes the following actions, associated with the date and time they were performed:

  • Login to the account
  • Failed attempts to log in to the account (e. g. wrong password)
  • Downloading a document
  • Viewing a document
How do I get my activation code?

You can open a MyPeopleDoc vault by using a unique and personal activation code. 

This code is usually sent by your employer to your professional email address automatically when your employee profile is created or via scheduled reminders. In rare cases, this code can be sent by postal mail if your employer decided it. These shipments are massive, invoiced and cannot be carried out individually.

This activation code can be used within 30 days of receipt and expires after that.
If you have not activated your vault in time or simply have not received an activation code, we invite you to request your employer the regeneration of a new code.


If your employer confirms you that your professional or even personal e-mail address is registered in your employee profile, you can ask for an activation code by going to our website www.mypeopledoc.com, click on «REQUEST AN INVITATION» and fill in the e-mail address.


If your employer is unable to send you a new code, we invite you to contact the MyPeopleDoc support teams here.

Do I have to activate my vault with my professional email address?

It is not compulsory to activate your vault with professional email address, you can also do it with a personal email address if you wish.

Attention : It is however recommended to register with a personal email address, so you will always have access to your personal vault in case of departure from the company.


Troubleshooting ⚠️

I didn't received my activation code

a code will only be sent to the email address indicated by your employer. If no address has been entered in your employee profile or it is incorrect, only your employer will be able to modify it.

MyPeopleDoc support will not send any activation code to an email address different from that indicated on your employee profile.

Invalid activation code


This error message indicates that the time allocated to activate your e-vault has elapsed. Indeed, an activation code is valid for 30 days for email codes and a predefined expiration date for mail codes.

You therefore have the possibility to request a new code by clicking on «Obtain a new code by clicking on this link»

Click here to learn more about how to get a new activation code.

Expired activation code


This error message indicates that your activation code can not be used because you employer did not make you eligible to create an e-vault, or, the activation code has already been used, the e-vault is already activated, this code is therefore not usefull anymore. 

You will then have to click on «Have an account ? LOG IN»  to connect to your e-vault with your connection email address and your password. 

I activated my vault with the same email address as another member of my family

Using the same email address as another user of the electronic vault by registering via the option«Already a MyPeopleDoc user» will link the two vaults and thereby bringing all the documents together in one space.

In the case that you do not wish to share a personal space, we invite you to contact our support service on this subject by clicking here. You will also need to provide us a front / back copy of your your ID Card (Passport, Residence Permit, Driver licence or National Identity Card) so that we can proceed and separate the two accounts.

Once the separation of the two vaults is effective, a new activation code will be sent to the person whose vault has been reset.

I have an activation code that is still not expired but I cannot register

If you have an activation code that has not exceeded its validity period of 30 days and you cannot go beyond the first registration page after having filled in all the fields present therein, this means that your employer has specified in his tool that you are not eligible for the activation of an electronic vault.

To rectify this situation, we invite you to contact your employer so that he makes the modification from its PeopleDoc tool which will allow you to be able to activate your vault.

I'm already a MyPeopleDoc® user

If you already are a MyPeopleDoc® user from you previous employer, you have the possibility to link it with your new employer's e-vault.

During your second e-vault's activation processus, we invite you to click on "already a MyPeopleDoc® user" : 



1. Enter the activation code sent by your new employer (the field may possibly be automatically filled)

2. Mark the email address of your existing MyPeopleDoc®

3. Mark your corresponding password

4. Accept terms and conditions 

5. Click on "SEND"




You will find all of your documents by clicking on "All" in the "Documents" tab.




Note :This manipulation is not available if you have two e-vaults from the same employer. If you are in this case, we invite you to contact directly your HR department so that they can proceed. This manipulation is not either available if your two e-vault have already been activated with two differents email addresses. 

If you have trouble to link your e-vaults, we invite you to contact our support team here by specifying the name of your previous company (from your first e-vault) and your current company (from the new e-vault) also the email address used. 

I left my activation code in plain sight and I am not subscribed yet. What should I do?

If you are not already registered, we invite you to try to activate your vault with this code.

If you manage to activate your vault, this confirms that no one has used your personal activation code and could not access your documents.Thus, your documents will remain protected by the logins you have chosen and only you will have access to your space.

If the interface displays the error message "Activation code: Invalid subscription code", it indicates that your code has already been used.


Please contact our support team here to avoid theft use of your documents. We invite you to send the front/back copy of your Identity Document and the email address you want to use to log in. Our teams will block the user so that he can no longer connect and we will give you back access to your space.

If you are already registered, the activation code is no longer valid and cannot be used by you or a third party.

Note: an activation code has a validity of 30 days, beyond this time, it will no longer be valid and can no longer be used by anyone.

New connection alert system to the MyPeopleDoc electronic vault

In order to guarantee better security in terms of access to our users Electronic Vaul, we have implemented a new alert system, when we detect a new connection to your account from an unknown device.

Thus you will receive a notification email on the messaging system serving as your login identifier to the MyPeopleDoc electronic safe, in this email you will find the following information :

  • The operating system used when logging in
  • The internet browser
  • The connection IP address

In the event of a proven suspicious connection, it is recommended that you reset your account password by going to our official websitewww.mypeopledoc.com, as well as activate the two-factor authentication service. As a reminder, your new password must meet the criterias below:

  • 12 characters minimum
  • One uppercase letter minimum
  • A tiny minimum
  • A minimum number
  • A special character
  • Both reset fields must contain an identical password
  • The new password must not be the same as your previous passwords

You should also know that you can view the connection history to your vault. To do this you must access your personal space, go to the "ACCOUNT" section then to "Recent activity on your account".

You can find the following information :

  • The time and date of connection
  • The operating system used
  • Internet browser used
  • The connection IP address
The system does not validate my new password

If the system refuses to save your new password even though you have correctly entered it in the two fields provided, it may contain one or more prohibited special characters.

Please make sure that your new password contains only letters, numbers and/or the following special characters: "+" "-" "!

I encounter another error

In this case, we invite you first to temporarily deactivate your ad blocker, then reactivate it once you have completed your registration, empty your browser's cache and cookies.

If the error persists, we invite you to contact us directly, describing as precisely as possible the problems encountered.

If possible, please attach a screenshot of the error message.


Log in your account

Tutorial 🎓

Connect to your vault

To connect to your vault, go to www.mypeopledoc.com

Enter your email (1) and your password (2), then click on “Sign in” (3).



Note: if you forget your password, check this article.

How do I change the email address linked to my account?
You have access to your account

The email address entered in your account is the one you registered during your registration. You can check it and modify it anytime in the tab "Account", in the top left of your screen. 

1. Enter you new email address

2. Click on "SAVE" 

3. Enter you actual password to validate the update and confirm that you are the requestor 

4. Click on "SAVE"

5. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link present in the email you just received on your new email address





Note: If you do not confirm your new email addess, the update will not be considered. The old email address will remain the one to use for the connection and notification emails reception.

If you get an error message when updating your email address, please read this article.

If your login email address is incorrect and you have forgotten your password, please contact our support team here with a valid email address and a copie of you ID. 
You do not have access to you account

Please contact us with a copy of your ID and the email address you wish to attach to your account.

The Captcha: What is it?

The captcha is a reinforced security system that appears when more than 3 errors are detected during authentication. This measure protects your account from spam and prevents any attempt to decrypt the password by submitting a simple test to verify that the login attempt is performed by the account owner. It can take two forms:

  • Check a box "I am not a robot"
  • Choose among a series of images those that correspond to a given theme.


Troubleshooting ⚠️

 I activated the two steps authentication service but my phone number changed afterwards, what should I do?

To have access again to your MyPeopleDoc electronic vault, we invite you to send us a written request, as well as a copy of your ID Card (Passport, Residence Permit, Driver licence or National Identity Card) here. This is to avoid identity theft.

As soon as we receive your message, we will deactivate the two steps authentication service, which will allow you to log in to your vault without entering a code.

The captcha does not appear: what should I do?
If the Captcha does not appear, it's possible that the problem encountered is related to the following factors:
  • Problem related to the localization: Some countries do not allow google queries (The ReCaptcha is a product of google).
  • Setting up the vpn
  • Using Internet Explorer version 9 or lower: In this case we recommend using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Configuration of the (professional) network :as it's set up by your employer, you should contact your IT department about this.
I validated my captcha but the connection is still refused, what can I do? If you encounter a captcha and you are unable to connect despite its validation, we invite you to attempt to connect from a cell phone while making sure to use the mobile data linked to your phone subscription.
As a last resort, you can reset your password by clicking on "I forgot my password" and entering your login email address.
I forgot my password

MyPeopleDoc does not send your password by email for security reasons.

If you lost or forgot your password, please click on "I forgot my password”.

1. If your company uses the new version of MyPeopleDoc

2. If your company uses the old version of MyPeopleDoc



Insert the email address associated to your account.



We will then ask you to renew your password by email.

Note: If you don't receive an e-mail immediately, please wait for 1-2 minutes or check your spam folder. If you still have not receive the e-mail, try again. If the problem persists, please click here to contact us.

I've forgotten my password. Can you send it to me by email? PeopleDoc does not send your password by email for security reasons. If you lost or forgot your password, please click on "forgot your password", and insert the email address associated with your account: we'll ask you to renew your password.
Why am I sometimes automatically logged out of my account? For security reasons, we log you out after 5 minutes of inactivity on your account. You will therefore need to sign in again.
I've tried all the proposed solutions but my problem is not solved: I need help! If, despite all these solutions, you are unable to connect, please contact our support team, indicating the steps you have taken and providing a screenshot containing the entire internet browser, the URL address used and the error message displayed. The team will then have all the necessary information to solve the problem..


Account setting

Tutorials 🎓

Is there a time commitment to PeopleDoc?

No, there is no commitment to MyPeopleDoc.

You can always unsubscribe from the service and go back to the paper version of your payslips.

And if you change you mind, you can also subscribe again to our service.

How can I change my personal information in my vault?

To update your personal information in your safe:

1. Go to the "ACCOUNT" section of your vault


From this dashboard, you can modify / update the following information:

  • Your name and first name
  • Your password
  • Your connection email address
  • The language of your account

NOTE: Don't forget to save your modifications


If I change my username in my vault, will it also change in my future payslips?

No, changing your name in your account will not affect the name appearing in the next payslips that you will receive from your employer.

If you want to change the name appearing on your payslips, following a marriage or other, you will need to contact your human resources department on this subject. This also applies for a change of postal address and phone number.


Account merging

Tutorials 🎓

I have two vaults from the same company but I can't link them, what should I do?

Indeed it is not possible to link two vaults from the same company. This action is only possible when the two accounts are from different companies. So if you are in this situation, we will invite you to finalize the registration of your second personal space by using an email other than that of the first vault.

You can also contact your employer or HR department on this subject so that a merger of your profiles is carried out, this will allow you to have your two accounts combined into one. Merging is only possible if the second vault is not activated.

I have activated my two vaults with different email addresses, can I still link my two accounts?

Unfortunately when you activate two accounts with two different email addresses, it is not possible to link them later, the linking process is only possible when activating your second vault. To perform this action you will need to click on the field « ALREADY A MYPEOPLEDOC USER  »once in the registration page.

You will then need to enter the email address associated with your first vault, as well as the password for it, for the link to become effective.


Legal, Confidentiality and Security

Tutorials 🎓


What is the legal value of my documents?

Your electronic pay slips have the same legal value as their paper equivalents. Even better, by using MyPeopleDoc® you have a personal trusted third party who certifies the originality and integrity of your documents.


In the event of a litigation (credit file, bank loan, employer file, housing lease etc...), PeopleDoc provide you with all the elements to justify that your pay slip is an original (each document is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity), which you cannot do with a paper copy, especially if it is dated 5 or 10 years ago.

Practical! You can also give a third-party access to certain documents in your MyPeopleDoc® account as well as to the electronic signature associated with them. This makes it impossible for them to claim any forgery. Each electronic document deposited on your MyPeopleDoc® account is therefore electronically signed and time-stamped to allow for the control of its integrity in the future. PeopleDoc guarantees the origin of the documents (accountability) by certifying that they come from your employer.


However, if an administrative body or a company questions the value of your documents received by MyPeopleDoc®, contact us by clicking here


Applicable in France

Since 12 May 2009, article L3243-2 of the French Labor Code authorizes the submission of the pay slip in electronic format and specifies the conditions for this submission.


The law of 13 March 2000, pursuant to Article 1316-1 of the French Civil Code, specifies that the legal value of an electronic document is linked to two criteria: its origin or imputability (from whom the document originates) and its original character or integrity (the document must not be capable of being altered or modified).

What is the difference between a document received by email and a document received by MyPeopleDoc?

The differences are that MyPeopleDoc ensures the security, privacy, legality and probative value (as well the legitimacy of time stamps) of documents they have received and stored. An email does not guarantee the legal validity of electronic documents because:

  • The legitimacy of an electronic document attached to an email is not guaranteed in time (no electronic signature, no time stamp).

  • The authentication of the email sender dubious (it is simply an email address)

All the documents that you receive on your MyPeopleDoc account are signed and archived securely with no time limit. The chronological legitimacy of your documents and the identity of the issuer are guaranteed by our service. With MyPeopleDoc, you do not receive spam and there is no risk of deleting your important documents by mistake. You will automatically receive your documents in a secure and confidential way, and they will be stored indefinitely.

Who owns the content of my account?

You are the owner of all the documents you receive and upload to your account.

You can access, download and delete them.



Does my company have access to my account?

Your e-vault is a personal space to which only you have access thanks to your login details.

Your employer does not have, in any case, access to your identifiers, nor to your e-vault, nor to the documents in it. He has only the possibility of depositing documents which are intended for you via his PeopleDoc tool in direct connection with your e-vault.

Thus, if you wish to keep personal documents in your e-vault, only you have access to them, they are kept in an encrypted way by the CDC Arkhinéo.

If you have to leave your company (change of employer, retirement or other), you will always be able to connect to your e-vault without time limit and free of charge.

PeopleDoc is the operator of the service, ensuring the operational functioning of the system and the associated security measures. Your employer is the sole provider of the MyPeopleDoc® account, offering its employees and having the ability to send you documents (such as your payslips and/or
other work-related documents). After your employer sends you a document, the only person who may have a right to access, modify, correct and delete the data is you (and, if applicable, the individuals you have specifically authorized).

If you receive unwanted content in your MyPeopleDoc® account, please contact your HR department.



The use of Google reCAPTCHA on MyPeopleDoc ®

Google reCAPTCHA (“reCAPTCHA”) is implemented on MyPeopleDoc®. This service is provided by Google Inc.," 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"). 

We use reCHAPTA on our websites to prevent various types of data processing malicious attempts (e.g. phishing, credential stuffing etc). reCHAPTA analyzes various information of the respective visitor (e.g. IP address, mouse movements of the user, length of stay on the website). By using reCAPTCHA, data is transferred to Google, which is used to determine whether the visitor is a human being or a (spam) bot. 

The data processing is based on Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. PeopleDoc has a legitimate interest in protecting MyPeopleDoc against abusive automated spying, against spam as well as protecting third parties against such attacks. 

You can read which data is collected by Google and what this data is used for at https://policies.google.com/privacy

You can read the terms of use for Google services and products at https://policies.google.com/terms

How can you make sure to have a strong password for your eVault?

Phishing campaigns are a common activity for hackers in order to steal your usernames or passwords. They can use fraudulent emails but also malware (malicious software) to infect a connected device (computer, cell phone, tablet).

During our latest proactive security monitoring, we detected unusual activity being performed on some eVault accounts. This could lead to the theft of usernames and passwords of eVault users in order to access their accounts.

At UKG (formerly PeopleDoc) data security is our number one priority. We have put in place different actions to protect our customer data as well as push out information campaigns to educate our customers about data security. 


Each end user also has a role to play to protect their own personal data. This is why we want to share with you a list of recommendations on the creation and use of secure password habits. 

  • Change your passwords regularly as described in this article.
    If you forgot your password, you can reset it as described here.
  • Do not use the same password on multiple websites. So that if one of your accounts is hacked, other accounts will remain secure. 
  • Create strong passwords: 
    • Add symbols and numbers to increase complexity. 
    • Do not include personal information (date of birth, pet name, social security number, etc.) in your password. 
    • Never use your network username as a password. 
    • Use a sentence/passphrase where possible rather than a single word. 
  • Activate a 2-factor authentication on your eVault to strengthen its security (as described in this article).

We continue our work to help you make your data more secure. In case you have any questions or concerns about MyPeopleDoc eVault security, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team by following this link.

Secure your account with the 2-step verification

What is 2-step verification?

2-step verification is a feature that helps you to secure your MyPeopledoc account. When you activate it, you add a new layer of security to your account; logging in with your password and a code sent to your mobile phone.Any malicious attempts to access your account will require your password and as well as access to your mobile phone.

To activate the 2-step verification, you will need to provide your mobile phone number. It won’t be used for any other purpose than to enable this feature.



How can I  enable the 2-step verification on my account?

To enable the 2-step verification, log in to your MyPeopledoc account, then:

  • Go to theSettingspage and find the section titled ‘2-step verification’
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click ‘Enable the 2-step verification’
  • Enter your password and validate
  • Then, you will be asked to enter a 6 digits code that your receive by SMS on your mobile
  • Once you have entered the code, click onEnable
  • The 2-step verification will now be enabled

Once 2-step verification is enabled, you will receive a new code by SMS each time you want to log in to MyPeopledoc.



I don’t want to enter a code each time I log in to my account.

When 2-step verification is enabled, after you log in to your account, you can define your current device as a trusted device.If you do this, you won’t need to enter a code when you log in from that device for a period of 60 days.

You should only define devices trusted devices if you have sole access to that device.  Avoid public devices or those you share with friends or family.

How can I  disable 2-step verification on my account?

To disable the 2-step verification on your account, log in to your account, then:

  • Go to the Settings page and find the section titled ‘2-step verification’
  • Click on ‘Disable the 2-step verification’
  • Enter your password and validate
  • The 2-step verification will now be disabled.
What if I lose my phone or my phone number changes?

If 2-step verification is enabled on your account, and you cannot received the SMS on the phone number you provided, please contact our support team.

Where are my pay slips stored? Who stores my payslips?

All pay slips and other documents that you receive from your company in your MyPeopleDoc® account are archived in encrypted form in France on the servers of Ecritel exploited by PeopleDoc.

In a nutshell, the hosting is done in France for the documents (including pay slips) and the platform itself is hosted in Germany - more info here:https://www.people-doc.com/legal/sub-processors.

Applicable in France

All pay slips and other documents that you receive from your company in your MyPeopleDoc® account are archived in encrypted form in France on the servers of CDC Arkhineo (a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.) for 50 years. 

The archiving service allows you to keep your documents for an unlimited period of time. The CDC Arkhineo is available to restore all the pay slips of our users in case of need, if PeopleDoc, for example, were to disappear.

For the pay slips, PeopleDoc guarantees you a 50-year conservation at the CDC Arkhineo subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts, even in case of disappearance of PeopleDoc or your employer.

What would happen to my account if PeopleDoc declared bankruptcy?

If services are discontinued as a result of PeopleDoc's termination, you will be notified at least three (3) months prior to the date of final discontinuation of our services. During this period, you will be able to retrieve/download all of your payroll records stored on MyPeopleDoc® without having to perform complex or repetitive actions, in a commonly used structured electronic format.


PeopleDoc automatically archives your payslips for 50 years with CDC Arkhinéo, a subsidiary of the CDC group, a French public group. CDC Arkhinéo has a contractual obligation to archive each payslip uploaded to your account for 50 years even if PeopleDoc were to declare bankruptcy or be dissolved.

Alerts about unrecognized logins to the UKG Employee Vault (MyPeopleDoc)

We continue our work to help you make your data more secure.

To further enhance the protection of your MyPeopleDoc account, you will receive an email alert whenever someone logs into your account from an unusual IP address, as illustrated below:

In general, if you signed your account during the trip or access internet using VPN, you can receive the alert.

If you do not recognize the activity:

  • change the password
  • Activate the two-factor authentication

If you have any questions or concerns about the security of MyPeopleDoc, please contact our dedicated support team here.

Your security is a priority for UKG.

What should I do in case of suspicious activity in my Employee Vault?

If you have found unrecognized or suspicious activity in your email account, your account may have been compromised.


It has come to light that our users' user IDs and passwords may be targeted by hackers who obtain information, for example, from a third-party source (a practice known as "credential stuffing"), or through other illicit means, such as phishing campaigns involving the collection of personal data under a false identity. The fact that a hacker has these elements at their disposal can lead them to illegally gain access to some of your information or some of your documents and even publish them online. It is important to note that these events are not the result of any vulnerability or security fault in our systems.


We invite you to check the connection history of your Employee Vault account to see if unauthorized parties have accessed your personal information. You can do this via your Employee Vault personal account by clicking on the "Account" section, where you will find Information about recent activity on your account.


If your checks do not reveal any unusual connections, we still recommend that you be mindful of your credentials by following these recommendations:


  • Choose a password that is very different from the one you are currently using
  • Your new password must be complex, i.e. composed of more than 8 characters including numbers, letters and special characters.
  • Activate the 2-factor authentification


If, on the other hand, your checks reveal the existence of an suspicious connection, we recommend that, in addition to changing your password and activating double authentication, you take the following actions:

  • Change the passwords (to the highest possible level of complexity) of any other accounts likely to contain sensitive data about you (such as bank accounts, for example);
  • Closely monitor the use of your potentially compromised documents;
  • Check the use of your professional or personal e-mail accounts.

Account deletion

Tutorials 🎓

Can I delete my Employee Vault?

Yes, you can close your Employee Vault. Note that once you request to delete your account, you cannot go back and it will be permanently deleted after 40 days.

What happens once I requested my account deletion? After you confirm your request to delete your account:
• During the first 30 days, your employer will still be able to send you electronic documents on MyPeopleDoc. This notice period is necessary to avoid the loss of some documents. You’ll still have access to your account and can use it as usual.
• After 30 days, your employer will no longer be able to send you electronic documents on MyPeopleDoc. You’ll have 10 days to make a copy of your documents in your vault.
• After 40 days, your account, all personal information and all document in your vault will be permanently deleted and no longer accessible.
What happens to my Employee Vault if I leave my company?

You can keep your Employee Vault free of charge with no limit in time. You can also merge and reuse it if you join a new company that also purchased this service. You can change the e-mail address you log in with directly from your Employee Vault (from a business e-mail to a personal e-mail, for example).

In case of death, what happens to my Employee Vault?

You can share your advance directives about your personal data hosted by UKG. Let your company know whether you would like your data to be completely erased, designate a third party to execute your directives, or else (to be defined). A beneficiary can also reach out with the necessary supporting documents to request access to your Employee Vault.

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