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The guide of Documents management

Add / Drop / Receive a document

Tutorials 🎓

How do I upload a document?

Click on "Upload a document".



Choose one or several files from your computer (1) or drag and drop them directly from the folder (2).



You can then add tags to the documents (click hereto learn more).


I clicked on the link in the notification email, but I cannot see my salary slip

By clicking on the link contained in the notification email, its possible that you have difficulty consulting your payslip. To remedy this situation, it is recommended to connect to your personal space by going directly through our official website www.mypeopledoc.com.

Once in your vault, you can then consult all of the documents, including your new payslip.

For more information on how new documents are notified in your vault, do not hesitate to consult the following article in our knowledge base here.

Troubleshooting ⚠️

I have activated my vault but it does not contain any payslip.

If there are no documents following the activation of your vault, a few cases explain this situation:

  • 1.You have expressed your right to oppose to your employer before activating your personal account, which means that all your documents have been sent by postal mail. If your payslips are not received by postal mail, it is recommended that you check with your post office, if they do not have your documents, you will need to contact your HR department to obtain a copy of the desired documents.
  • 2.Your employer has not supplied your personal vault with documents, which is why it is empty. To obtain your documents, you will need to contact your HR department to find out if they can manually deposit your payslips in your vault. If this option is not available, you will have to ask for copies.
I received my salary slip in my safe after having expressed my right of opposition

1.In the case that you have received your payslip in your electronic vault following the manifestation of your wish to receive you document in paper, this means that at the time you made this choice, your employer had already planned a distribution of your payslip. It is recommended to manifest your right of opposition between the 1st and the 20th of the month to be sure to receive the payslip in the desired format for the current month.

2.In the case that you work for an interim employment agency, it is recommended to make a request for return in paper format either before the 5th of the month or even after the 15th of the month. In fact, pay slips for temporary work agencies are generally distributed halfway through each month.


View my documents

Tutorials 🎓

What kind of document formats can be previewed from my vault?

Documents that can be previewed from the MyPeopleDoc are as follows: PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF.

For other document formats such as word, excel, mp3 or others, you will be able to deposit them in your personal vault, however you will not be able to view their content.

How do I find the certificate and signature attached to a document?

All documents received in your electronic vault from your employer are electronically certified. You can find a tag “Certified document” in the description of every document sent by your company.

You can download the electronic certificate of your document by clicking on “Know more”



Click on the link to download the certificate of authenticity of the document issued by PeopleDoc, a trusted third party.


Troubleshooting ⚠️

My net salary does not appear at the bottom of my payslip

In the case where the net of your salary is not displayed at the bottom of the page, we will ask you to make sure that your document has a second page using the small arrow displayed on the right of your screen as shown below:



Some documents are not visible

If you have merged two electronic safes, you can retrieve the documents sent by your former employer by clicking on the "All" button (top right of the screen).

Capture d’écran 2023-08-03 à 16.29.14.png

You can then select the documents you wish to display in the Documents tab (i.e. those from your old company, those from your new company, all those you filed yourself, or all of them).

Organize my documents

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Can I create folders to store my documents?

The functionality allowing the creation of files is unfortunately not yet available. However, be aware that you can organize your documents using labels/tags.

For more information on this functionality, we invite you to consult the following article in our knowledge base here.


Follow these steps to add a tag to your documents:

1. Select one or several documents from the “Documents” tab
2. Click on “Organize”


3. Choose the tags you want to add to your document(s).
4. Click on “Validate”



Attention! Be careful when you sort your documents using tags. Tags are cumulative: if you choose one tag and then click on a second one, it takes into consideration both tags.

Click on “Edit tags” (1) to edit existing tags (2) and add new ones (3).




Share documents

Tutorial 🎓

How do I share a document?

You can directly share your documents with other people.

To share documents you need to create a new sharing bucket.

Go to the “Buckets” tab and click on “Add a bucket”.



Name the bucket (1), enter the e-mail of the person with whom you want to share your documents (2) and choose the expiration date (3).



Add one (1) or several (2) documents by clicking on the sharing icon and choosing the sharing bucket (3)




Note: you can also create a new bucket directly while adding the documents (4).

The person you are sharing your documents with receives an invitation email with an access code for the sharing space. He/she only has limited access to your documents. He/she is only able to view and download documents that were shared with him/her.

You can check your shared documents in the tab “Buckets”

To update your buckets click on “Edit settings”.



You can disable your bucket before its expiration date (1) in order to stop the sharing process. You can use it again later by unticking the box. If you do not want to use the bucket anymore, you can just delete it (2).


Delete documents

Tutorials 🎓

Delete a document

To delete a document from your e-vault:

1. Preview the document by clicking on its name in the list of documents, then click on the trash can icon




1. Select the document(s) you want to delete
2. Click on the trash icon



3. Validate your choice by clicking on "OK".


Your document has been moved to the recycle garbage can!

To delete it permanently, go to your e-vault from a computer:

1. Go to the recycle garbage can of your e-vaultCapture_delet_doc_3.JPG


2. Click on "Empty Trash".Capture_delet_doc_4.JPG


3. Confirm your choice by clicking on "OK".



Please note! This action is irreversible.
If you have put a document in your recycle garbage can by mistake, consult this article.

Recovering a Deleted Document
In order to restore a document that was accidentally deleted:
1. Go to the "Document" tab and click on "Documents placed in the trash"
2. Select the document you want to restore and click on "Restore"
You will no longer be able to view deleted documents. By clicking on the document name, a message will appear asking if you want to restore it.
Your document will then be placed directly back into your safe.
We recommend performing this operation on a computer, as the trash does not appear on a mobile interface.
Attention: Emptying the trash in your safe is a permanent and irreversible operation.
Once you have deleted the documents contained within it, it is impossible to recover them through our interface.
If the documents were sent by your company, we suggest contacting your employer or human resources department to have them retransmit the documents to you.
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